Arriving by Public Transport


If you are arriving on the local S-Bahn train, please get off at the D-Reisholz station and turn right in the underpass. At the crossing, go to the other side of the street to the Shell petrol station  – just to the left of the Shell petrol station, there is a footpath which will lead you directly to CASTELLO Düsseldorf (approx. 7 minutes). 


The 789 bus line stops near CASTELLO Düsseldorf at the “Briedestraße” bus stop. Please follow the Briedestraße street to the east (ATU) and turn left at the end – you’ll see CASTELLO Düsseldorf right in front of you. The train is an environmentally-friendly, low-cost and stress-free means of reaching Düsseldorf. The main station at Konrad-Adenauer-Platz is located centrally in the city centre and is one of the most modern stations in Europe. More than 1,000 trains pass through the station on a daily basis, guaranteeing a good connection to Düsseldorf from inside Germany and from abroad. 

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