CASTELLO Düsseldorf Interior Space

The interior of CASTELLO Düsseldorf is not only perfectly suitable for sport events, but also for TV show productions, fashion shows and social events. Here are all the advantages at a glance: 

  • Cannot be viewed from outside, adjustable curtain system
    • Heavy-duty, linoleum sprung floor for sports
    • 24 moveable rigs (load capacity 1.1 t) as well as 71 suspension points for loads from 1 to 2.4 t


  • Sports and activity area: 1,620 sqm
  • Exhibition space: 1,030 sqm
  • Maximum capacity: 3,300 persons
  • Bearing load of floor: 500 kg / sqm
  • Seating variations:
    • Theatre seating: up to 1,500 persons
    • Parliamentary: up to 672 persons
    • Banquet: up to 920 persons
  • Indoor sports events (open interior): up to 3,300 persons
    • of which in the lower stand: up to 948
    • of which in the main stand: up to 1,426
    • of which in the upper stand: up to 926 (incl. 40 VIP seats in front of the suites)

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